Les Petits CBDs

These four pre-rolled CBD joints may reduce anxiety or stress, induce a state of calm and relaxation, and relieve physical pain.

CBD pre-rolled for inhalation

Les Petits CBDs are pre-rolled joints made from dried flowers intended for smoking.

Crafted from a hybrid variety that blends both Indica and Sativa species, these joints offer a CBD strength ranging from 10 to 17%. The THC content is moderate, varying between 0.01% and 3%.

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Floral aroma with hints of earth and fruit.

Les Petits CBDs feature the terpenes pinene and myrcene. Pinene is characterized by its distinct pine wood scent, whereas myrcene offers a fragrance reminiscent of hops, thyme, and lemongrass.

Both pinene and myrcene are valued for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Specifications for Les Petits CBDs

Consumption method
Inhalation by combustion (smoking)

4 units of 0.35 grams each

Where it’s grown
Lac-Brome, Estrie, Quebec

How it’s grown
In indoor hydroponic greenhouses

Potential positive effects
Physical: body relaxation, sleep support, pain reduction
Psychological: Relaxation, state of calm, anxiety or stress reduction

Potential adverse effects
Physical: red eyes, dry mouth

Hybrid, no dominance (indica and sativa)

Floral (dominant), fruity and earthy (secondary)

Pinene (dominant) and myrcene

CBD strength
Dominant (10% to 17%)

THC strength
Moderate (0.01% to 1%)


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